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Some use cases from practice

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Are you an SAP Basis administrator, SAP project manager or employee or do you work in the IT support for SAP systems? Then you probably know one thing or another from your previous work with SAP systems and SAP projects:

Inadvertently, all users of a client were locked.
This can happen, for example, during go-lives or maintenance activities. There is no standard function in the SAP System that can help you in this case. With our product, you can use another client in the same system to become capable of acting again.

Data must be corrected in the system, but
(1) neither an administrative function (SM30 or similar) nor a correction program is available for the data to be corrected
(2) the system and client settings do not allow the use of the management function (and there is no possibility to open the system or it would take too long)
Case 1 can occur for tables without a table maintenance dialog - e.g. master data tables, status fields in tables or all fields of tables which cannot be maintained with the standard functions.
Case 2 can occur, for example, when customizing data is changed if the system/client is not open for customizing changes.
You can use the SAP standard functions (SM30 and so on) for many tables - for those tables for which table maintenance is allowed or set up. But what if you need to correct data for which these options are not available? Or if many thousands of data records have to be corrected, so that the option of data maintenance using the standard transactions does not help you either?
"Shortcut for SAP systems" offers you previously unavailable options for data correction!

Data has to be copied from one system / client to another system / client.
This can be useful for customizing data, for example.
Perhaps the target system is in the same transport landscape, in which case a transport request would also be conceivable. This option is also available for systems in another transport landscape - with correspondingly more effort.
But this much is certain: you will not be able to achieve this with the standard functions as easily and quickly as with our product!

Data must be backed up before a system copy and restored after a system copy or you want to back up system-specific data separately.
There is a lot of data that is system specific. For example, RFC connections, the license key for your SAP system, the ALE configuration, scheduled jobs, the definition of logon and server groups, the system and client settings in SCC4, the configuration of the Security Audit Log, and so on.  
Overwriting this data from another system would invalidate the data and could cause serious problems.
You may already have a solution for some of this data. You may be able to do some of the work manually. But it is faster and safer with our solution.

SAP users are to be copied from one system / client to another system / client (e.g. in a roll-in or carve-out)
SAP users should be backed up and restored after a system copy.
The client copy in the SAP System allows you to copy all user master records and their authorizations to another client or do a client export into the file system. The emphasis here is on "all" - whereby all user master records in the target client are also overwritten. This means: all or nothing. Either you take the entire stock of user master records from a source client and lose the previously existing user master records, or you leave it as it is. A little from here and a little from there: no, this is not possible in the SAP standard system.
We have closed a real gap in our product in the functional scope for user administration. Users - and also their role assignments - can be flexibly and selectively copied back and forth between clients. You can also write the users to a file on your PC, "park" them there and - if your target client is available again after a system or client copy - transfer the users back into the system. This saves you the time-consuming task of setting up an empty client to hold the users to be backed up, resp. the cumbersome handling of the transport requests of a client export. This way, you can keep tediously set up test users, project team members and system users, saving a lot of time and avoiding errors and annoyance that would arise if the users were manually set up again.
And in case you are faced with a roll-in or carve-out: this is the solution for the user part!

    Passwords for many users must be assigned.
    Do 50 test users have to be provided with an initial password to start the test? Or are the passwords of 35 system users to be adjusted after a copy so that the interfaces work again? Unfortunately, in the SAP standard this is only possible for each user individually. It is possible to generate a new initial password for many users in one go, but this is then a generated and individual password. This does not help you either for the test users with the password already published to the team or for the system users with their different passwords.
    In "Shortcut for SAP systems" we have closed this gap in SAP user administration. You can assign either an individual password or the same password to any number of users. This means that the test can begin more quickly, the interfaces run again more quickly, and Basis administrators or user administrators can once again devote themselves to more attractive tasks than maintaining the passwords of countless users.

Authorizations must be assigned, but your Identity Management System is not available or the approval flow is interrupted.
You probably have an emergency user for cases like this. And it is usually also a good idea not to rely completely on an IdM system and to have real user administrators and authorization folders set up in the system for cases of emergency.
If it is really urgent, hopefully one of these options will be available to you - i.e. you can get to the emergency user or one of the set up authorization folders is available. On weekends this could be problematic...
Or you have our solution in use.

Your logistics are at risk and you need to run an emergency corrective program, but...
  • the development system is not available (offline backup at the weekend)
  • there is no transport possibility (yes, there is also a weekend for basis administrators ;-) )
  • formalism and bureaucracy are too slow to solve the problem in time.
You might think that anything is possible with SAP_ALL via an emergency user in the system. No, unfortunately it is not. For example, if no developer key has been set up for the emergency user, an emergency user cannot create a program in the system.
But what the emergency user cannot do, our solution can - without a development and test system, without a transport request and without a developer key.

We can literally sense that you are concerned when reading a few lines... there is such a thing as compliance, requirements regarding IT security, traceability, approvals, documentation etc. etc...
This is all correct. And yet: the supply and satisfaction of your customers has priority over everything else.
If everything works as planned and described: great!
If not... yes, then you will be happy to have our solution in use. You do not need to install anything in your SAP systems!

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