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Assist in SAP support
Resolve incidents faster
In a competitive marketplace, excellent customer support is essential to both retaining your customers and attracting new ones. Every minute counts when it comes to responding to your customers' requests. Reduce your resolution times: use "Shortcut for SAP systems" for faster and more direct troubleshooting.
Data Corrections
Sooner or later it hits every SAP system: a process is disrupted or does not work due to incorrect data. This can be several or many records in a table that require correction, or perhaps just a single record in a table.
Often, however, this correction cannot be made directly in the system, because the data in question can only be corrected via transport requests, or there is simply no possibility of direct correction - because, for example, no table maintenance is provided for with SM30, SE16, etc., or the system and client settings do not allow the data to be changed.
SAP data correction

With "Shortcut for SAP systems" you have an editor for almost every table at your disposal. And even if the amount of data to be corrected is not suitable for editing, we have a solution.
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