Data correction

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Correct data, without the usual detours

Nothing to be installed in your SAP systems!You can start immediately - in all your SAP systems with an ABAP stack.Also in S/4HANA systems.Get a free trial license and discover the possibilities!

The need to correct data is inevitable sooner or later - a complex system like SAP's is not error-free. Neither the applications of the SAP standard nor any existing in-house developments. Above a certain level of complexity, it is almost impossible to guarantee that an application is completely error-free. Data arriving via interfaces and the "creativity" of the users ensure that every now and then an inconsistency in the data is created.

Possibly the data can be corrected directly using standard SAP tools (e.g. transactions SE16/N, SM30 etc.). However, this only applies to a small part of the data - namely only for those tables for which table maintenance is allowed or set up. But what if you need to correct data for which these options are not available? Or if many thousands of data records have to be corrected, so that the possibility of data maintenance via the standard transactions does not help you either?
"Shortcut for SAP systems" offers you previously unavailable options for data correction.
Nothing needs to be installed in your SAP systems!
No more hurdles for urgent data corrections!
For many problems in connection with urgently needed data corrections we have a solution with "Shortcut for SAP systems". This enables you to quickly correct faults that have their cause in a data inconsistency.

The "Maintain (edit) table data" function provides a maintenance dialog for each table - even for those for which there is no other administration possibility.
This function is now available for all SAP systems with an ABAP stack - including BW, CRM, SCM and SRM!
SAP data correction

The "Update table data" function allows you to correct data in table fields - even for tables for which there is no maintenance transaction and also for any number of data records. All you have to do is enter the table, the fields to be updated, their new values and, if necessary, a restriction to the data records to be edited.
A lot of possibilities and flexibility when correcting your data! If manual editing of the data is not a reasonable option (e.g. if you have a large number of data sets to be corrected), the "Update table data" function is a good choice.
SAP data correction

The "Delete table data" function helps you in a similar way when records need to be deleted. Especially in test systems you can shorten and simplify test cycles with this function.
Simplify repeat tests - by selectively deleting test data. This no longer requires complex correction programs.
SAP data correction

Is there a lack of current data in a test system? With the "Download / upload table data" function you can download more current data from another system and upload it again in your test system.
Just one example: current exchange rates are usually only available in productive systems. For tests or troubleshooting purposes, however, it may be necessary to calculate with current exchange rates. No problem - get the data from the productive system and upload it to your test system.
SAP data correction

Especially for tables with larger data volumes and related tables, you can also transfer data between systems/clients using the SAP standard tool "R3trans "*. This function is also ideal for backing up and later recovering (if necessary) tables, for example, to save important system-specific tables. RFC connections, for example, are system-specific, but extremely important for operation. Otherwise you could only recover this data by rebuilding the system on the basis of a complete system backup. With our solution, this data can be restored in minutes!

And is it really necessary to completely rebuild the system from a backup after a failed test run of migration programs? Use our application to backup the affected tables before the test run and restore them afterwards. In this way you will be ready for a new test run in no time.

By the way, this function can also be integrated into automated processes via our command-line tool, e.g. for system copies.

SAP data backup

Save, restore, transfer data
"R3trans" is an SAP utility program that exists in the SAP system and is used by the transport system. It is an essential part of the transport system, reliable, fast and efficient. In "Shortcut for SAP systems" it is now also accessible outside the transport system. A real treasure that we have lifted for you!

SAP data backup

And if the complexity of the data correction requires more than is possible via the functions mentioned, there is also the possibility of uploading a correction program directly in the system via the "Insert / modify program" function - from your computer. This also works in closed systems, without development and test system, without transport request and without developer key. Because there is not always time for this in an emergency.
SAP data correction
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