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Nothing to be installed in your SAP systems!You can start immediately - in all your SAP systems with an ABAP stack.Also in S/4HANA systems.Get a free trial license and discover the possibilities!

Here you can download our products.
The required files are contained in a zip file. A program installation is not necessary. Simply copy the "Sc4SAP" folder of the Zip file into any folder on your computer.
Nothing needs to be implemented in the SAP systems - so you don't have to bother with transport requests, add-ons or complicated configuration dialogs. Our products use the already existing functions of an SAP system (ABAP stack). You can start immediately!

Before downloading and using our product, please read our terms and conditions.
Download for 64 bit Windows
If your Windows system as well as your Java Runtime Environment supports 64 bit, you should download this version.
Download for 32 bit Windows
If your Windows or your Java Runtime Environment does not support 64 bit, you should download this version.
Following system requirements are necessary to start the application:
  • A Java Runtime Environment (short: JRE). Every Java application needs one, probably there is one already on your computer and you don't need to worry about it. If there is no JRE on your computer, it can be downloaded here.
    Our product was developed and tested with Java version 8. So you need Java version 8 or higher.
    The JRE must support the same architecture (64 Bit or 32 Bit) as "Shortcut for SAP systems". We offer our product for both architectures.
  • The SAP Java Connector from SAP (short: SAP JCo). The JCo is not usually widely used on computers and must / can be downloaded here. Access to the download files requires an "SAP Market Place User" or "SAP S-User" for short. If you do not have an S-User, one can be created for you by your company.
    Our product is intended for SAP IT personnel and not for SAP end users. An S-User should usually be available for the target users.
    You need these 2 SAP JCo files:
    - sapjco3.jar
    - sapjco3.dll
    Both files must have the same version (which is the case if you use the files of a downloaded SAP JCo).
    The first file "sapjco3.jar" must be stored in the subdirectory "Sc4SAP_lib".
    The other file "sapjco3.dll" must be either
    - also in the subdirectory "Sc4SAP_lib
    - in a directory that is listed in the system path (in Windows systems, for example, the subdirectory "system32" in the Windows directory would be a suitable location)
    can be saved.
    Both files are the property of SAP, are available to SAP customers and partners, but may not be distributed. These files are therefore not part of our product. They are nevertheless necessary for starting our application.

If these requirements are met, the program can be started.
Note the following prerequisites for using the functions:
  • Of course, you also need an SAP system with an ABAP stack in your network environment.
  • Some functions require a "SAPGUI" on your computer.
  • Some functions can be executed immediately. For the execution of all functions of our product you need a license, which you can order from us e.g. in our shop. Of course you can also request a test license to try out all functions - without any obligation!

You can use the "Sc4SAPStarter.exe" program provided to check the system requirements or to determine the one that prevents "Shortcut for SAP systems" from starting. The program also provides a search function for SAP JCo files using the drives accessible on your computer. It is possible that these files already exist somewhere on your computer.
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