Tour "Shortcut for SAP systems"

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Tour "Shortcut for SAP systems"
Would you like to take a look at our product in a personal, individual demonstration?
We would be happy to show you the functionalities of our product in our tour of "Shortcut for SAP systems" and go into detail about the individual functions and use cases according to your individual wishes.
  • Data corrections: Correct data in tables, delete table records, download and upload tables, edit table contents directly in the system, create urgently needed correction programs directly in the system.
    Restore the functionality of your SAP system in the shortest possible time!
  • Data backup and restore: Using the SAP tool "R3trans" opens up countless use cases. Individual tables or even several tables belonging together can now be backed up and restored or transferred to other systems in the simplest way.
  • User administration: Unlock users, assign passwords (mass function), copy users between systems / clients or save them in a file.
    In this way, you can preserve, for example, test users, project team members and system users that have been painstakingly set up as part of a system copy, saving a lot of time and avoiding errors and hassle that would result if users were created manually again.
  • Authorizations: Assign roles or profiles, or even complete authorization for individual authorization objects.
    Possibly your rescue in critical situations, e.g. during a go-live!
  • Most functions are also available for automation via our command line tool: e.g. backup and restore of system specific data can be integrated into existing automated processes for system copies.
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Speaker: Stephan Hoetger

Shortcut IT GmbH
Foersterstr. 11A
31275 Lehrte
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