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Support in SAP user administration
Here our product supports among other things with the following activities:
  • Password assignment (with our product you finally have a mass function)
  • Backup / restore / copy user master data
  • Unlocking of users
  • Assignment of authorizations - e.g. in case of failures in the Identity Management System or if the approval workflow is interrupted and does not work.

Password assignment - mass function
In the SAP system, there is unfortunately no way to easily assign an individual password to many users. There is a mass function for users, but unfortunately it is inadequate when it comes to passwords. In practice, this means that each user must be managed individually. This is tedious, time-consuming, error-prone and... boring.

Backup / restore / copy user master data
With "Shortcut for SAP systems" you can flexibly backup, restore and copy users to other systems.
Copying / saving SAP users
Do SAP users need to be copied / migrated from one system / client to another system / client (e.g. during a roll-in or carve-out) or do SAP users need to be backed up before a system refresh and restored afterwards?
With "Shortcut for SAP systems" this is easily possible and quickly accomplished. Using our Command line tool, this can also be automated and integrated into existing automated processes.

Unlocking users
Has a user administrator accidentally locked out all users - including himself - during the hectic activities of a go-live? Or is the emergency user repeatedly locked out due to incorrect logins? In these cases, "Shortcut for SAP systems" will provide you with a solution.

Assignment of authorizations
During a go-live, it is easy to find yourself in a situation where - at least temporarily - authorizations are required that are not included in the assigned roles or have possibly not yet been considered at all in the role concept. This can be disastrous in the tight schedules for the implementation of the go-live. For the assignment of existing roles, the regular authorization workflows require a certain minimum of turnaround time, and not every approver is available at every go-live at every time. If the missing authorization might not even be available in a role yet, the development or modification of a role would be required first, including transport to the target system. This is also not possible in a few minutes.
So the workflow can stall - and with it the go-live!

Secure your go-live additionally with "Shortcut for SAP systems". You can assign necessary SAP authorizations quickly and easily directly in the system. This can be the available roles and profiles - but we also have a solution for the case that the required authorization is not available in a role.
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