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Copy, save and restore SAP users as you like...

Nothing to be installed in your SAP systems!You can start immediately - in all your SAP systems with an ABAP stack.Also in S/4HANA systems.Get a free trial license and discover the possibilities!

Copy SAP users from one system to another or back them up before overwriting with a system or client copy for later recovery - easily and quickly with our solution!

You can use the SAP functions in the "client copy" environment to copy users and their authorizations to another system. All you need is an available SAP System or client. Also a client export into the file system is possible. But: it is always "all or nothing"! It is not possible to keep existing users, since a client copy (or import) of the users deletes all users that already exist in the target client.
Therefore, you must always make a decision when copying a system or client: either use the users and authorizations from the source client, or save the users and authorizations of the target client beforehand (in an available client, which usually has to be set up again) and import them again after the copy. There is no mixed form in between.
And this restriction affects not only the users but also the authorizations. Building a test system with the roles from the original system while retaining existing test users as well as the project team is not that easy.

If you are faced with the task of migrating multiple clients to a single target client - and therefore also the users - then a client copy is of no use at all.
With "Shortcut for SAP systems" you don't have to be caught between a rock and a hard place regarding the user data. Copy users back and forth between the systems / clients as required or "park" them in a file. In this way you can obtain laboriously set up test users, project team members as well as system users, save a lot of time and avoid errors and annoyance that would arise if you created users manually again.

Even if you always have to create the same base of administrators and/or project members for new systems / clients, they can be created quickly and easily via "Shortcut for SAP systems". Simply copy these users from a client into a file and copy the users from the file into your target clients if required. In this way, the new system or client is available in less time. It couldn't be any quicker or easier! You do not need to install anything in your SAP systems!

By the way, via our command-line tool you can also integrate the copying / restoring of users in automated processes!
Save, restore, copy SAP users - so easily...
With our solution you are flexible in the handling of your SAP users. For example, you can easily backup and restore system users, project teams, etc. in the context of system or client copies. Both the transfer directly into other systems / clients and the "parking" in a file for later reuse is very easy!
It can be that easy to get the often tedious work of creating test users, the project team, the system users: just enter the User-ID's (or optionally just all users) and copy the users from one system/client to another system/client of the same system. Or - if the target system is currently unavailable or will be overwritten shortly - to park the data in a file and then supply a client again.
SAP user copy
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