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Faster in projects
Additional security for the Go-Live
Shorter solution times
Your SAP system covers the most diverse processes within the company and beyond. Its trouble-free operation is essential for your company, your reputation and the satisfaction of your customers.
Does it often take you too long to rectify faults in your SAP system? Is a lot of time spent in SAP projects on supposedly trivial but tedious activities such as user creation and administration or data correction? Does the go-live of an important SAP project stumble and endanger the timely availability of your SAP system?
In a highly competitive environment, speed is what counts above all. Every hour that passes costs you money and reputation. Why do supposedly simple things take so much time? There must be a way to do it faster...
Faster in projects, faster to go live
Not only in productive systems, but also in development and test systems, formalism often strikes unscrupulously. Supposedly simple things like the lack of authorizations, the availability of test users, cumbersome procedures for data corrections, system openings, etc. hold up project teams and cost time and nerves. Thus a delay of 2 days can easily arise from a 5-minute task. That is how easily you can fall behind the schedule.
Shorten up! Many things can be done faster than ever before with "Shortcut for SAP systems". So you can concentrate on your actual work again and don't get lost in trivialities.
Additional security for the Go-Live
Go-Lives often take place on weekends and possibly also at night. This is probably the most exciting, but also the most delicate and decisive moment for the project and its success. This is where meticulous preparations meet reality - and unfortunately it's easy to get into the situation of not having thought of everything. A single missing authorization of a single project member can endanger the whole go-live and thus the whole project. What to do if this missing authorization is noticed on Sunday night at 3 o'clock in the morning? Or do data have to be corrected, possibly with a correction program not yet available in the system? Is it possible that the entire schedule is skidding, so that the promised availability of the system for resuming productive operation can no longer be kept?
Shorter solution times
In a competitive market environment, excellent customer support is essential to both retaining your customers and attracting new ones. Every minute counts when it comes to answering your customers' questions. Reduce your resolution times: use "Shortcut for SAP systems" for faster and more direct troubleshooting. Without detours, directly in the system - to improve your performance indicators and maintain the agreed service levels.
Fast incident processing, satisfied customers
The "emergency" has probably already been experienced by every company. When delivery or production is at a standstill, considerable pressure is exerted on everyone involved. This makes it all the more annoying when valuable time is lost.
Use our product "Shortcut for SAP systems" to eliminate faults quickly and easily and get your business running again.
Your solution for time-critical SAP tasks
With "Shortcut for SAP systems" we have developed a Windows application that offers you useful functions for many use cases.
Nothing needs to be installed in your SAP systems - no transport requests, no add-ons. We use standard SAP functions that are already available - making many things possible! You can start using our solution immediately, in all your SAP systems. Even in S/4HANA systems.
Easy to install and run
You only need a standard computer. Nothing needs to be installed in the SAP system - no transport orders, no Add-ons! No administrator rights are required for the installation on your computer. It couldn't be much easier...
New possibilities for the correction of data
"Shortcut for SAP systems" offers you previously unavailable options for SAP data correction:
The "Update table data" function allows you to correct data in table fields - even for tables for which no maintenance transaction exists, and also for any number of data records. All you have to do is enter the table, the fields to be updated, their new values and, if necessary, a restriction to the data records to be processed.
It doesn't always have to be a system refresh...
Is there a lack of current data in a test system? With the "Download / upload table data" function you can download more current data from another system and upload it again in your test system.
New ways to copy and backup data!
Even larger tables and/or related tables can be transferred to other systems / clients in a very short time. It is also possible to save important system-specific tables.
Due to the possibility of using SAP's own tool "R3trans", we have lifted a real treasure trove of possibilities and use cases for you!
Table maintenance almost without limits
The "Maintain (edit) table data" function provides a maintenance dialog for each table - even for those for which there is no other maintenance possibility.
Flexible copy / backup / restore of users
With our product it is so easy to keep the often laborious and tedious created SAP users for test users, the project team, the system users. Or to distribute them to another client: just enter the user id's (or optionally just all users) and copy the users from one system/client to another system/client of the same system. Or - if the target system is currently unavailable or will be overwritten shortly - to save the data in a file and then supply a client again. Copy users back and forth between the systems / clients as required or "park" them in a file. Copying or backing up SAP users has never been so easy!
Finally a mass function for the assignment of passwords!
Have you always missed possibilities of password assignment, e.g. assigning a fixed password to a group of test users or assigning individual passwords to several system users without having to manage the users individually? Our product makes these things possible in one go and saves time and error sources.
System user quickly ready for use again
This is how fast it can be to reassign the given passwords to system users after a system copy...
Does a lack of authorization prevent you from going live?
Is your go-live just stalled because of a missing authorization? Assigning a role for a limited period of time is done in seconds and allows you to continue your go-live quickly. Even authorizations missing in the role concept - i.e. those that are not available in any role - can be granted. Thanks to the concept of our product, the designated system users (or others if they have the necessary authorizations) can be used for the assignment.
Integration into automated processes
Via the "Command line tool" almost all functions are also available outside the GUI application and can thus also be integrated into automated processes.
Clearly structured
The functions are divided into categories. You can find your way around the tidy interface immediately.
The simultaneous execution of several functions (or even the same with different input values) is no problem.
The real "work" is done in the background, so that you can continue working immediately.
Also in dark layout
A "Dark Theme" is also available for "Shortcut for SAP systems". This allows the application to blend in perfectly with the working environment, especially for users who have selected a dark color setting on their Windows computer.
The connections to your SAP systems
At the beginning is the creation of the system connections. This is done in the "Settings and configuration" section. Existing system connections are listed and can be used as templates for further system connections.
Since sensitive access data is managed here, password protection can be set for this management function. This allows the functions to be made available to employees who should not have knowledge of the access data.
Access via SSO (Single Sign-On) is also supported.
Program help and documentation
The program help and documentation is always present. In the right-hand area of the program window the relevant information is given to you - not that this is really necessary for operating the application...
In the lower section, you will find information on the function flow and the confirmations from the SAP system. You can use the buttons to copy this information to the clipboard, save it to a file or display it in a larger, separate window.
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