Our offer for SAP consultants!

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Our offer for SAP consultants

No installation on your computer necessary!You can start immediately - in all your SAP systems with an ABAP stack.Also in S/4HANA systems.Get a free trial license and discover the possibilities!

Are you an SAP consultant working on-site at the customer's premises, on a computer provided by the customer? Then we now have a special offer for you.
We now also offer our solution "Shortcut for SAP systems" - especially for SAP consultants - with a shorter runtime. Take advantage of our product and the associated benefits directly at the customer's site. No program installation necessary! Copy the files into any directory. Even starting from a USB stick is possible. Since nothing has to be implemented in the SAP systems either, you can start immediately.
Stand out from the crowd! High speed and new possibilities ensure you new opportunities! With our solution you will amaze customers and competitors!

  • Change data directly in the system: Change, delete, download and upload tables, edit table contents directly in the system - all this is now possible. Some correction program no longer needs to be created first. And if it does get a bit more complex and can only be done using a correction program: you can now create this directly in the system - without a transport request!
    No matter whether it is about test data in a sandbox or inconsistencies in the production system - there is no faster way than with "Shortcut for SAP systems"!
  • Data backup and recovery: Using the SAP tool "R3trans" opens up countless use cases. Individual tables or even several related tables can now be backed up and restored or transferred to other systems in the simplest possible way.
    In this way, some system copies can be avoided and test cycles shortened!
  • User administration: Unlock users, assign passwords (mass function), copy users between systems / clients or write them to a file, create users.
    For example, during a system or client copy, you can obtain test users, project team members and system users that have been set up with great effort. This saves a lot of time and avoids errors and annoyance that would arise if the users were created manually again. And if you are thinking about how to get the users into the target system or client during a roll-in or carve-out, this is the solution!
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  • Authorizations: Assign roles or profiles or even complete authorization for individual authorization objects - your rescue in critical situations, e.g. during a go-live!
Try it out - without any obligation! In the download area you can download our product. A few functions can be used immediately. Here you can request a free test license for activation of all functions. Or simply write us to get a free test license and to test all functions.

For sending a license file we need the installation key and the user ID.

You can find the installation key in "Shortcut for SAP systems" in the function "Licenses" in the section "Settings and configuration".
Directly below it you will also find the user ID - it is the Windows user's ID, not to be confused with an SAP user ID!
Data for license file
To avoid typing errors, both entries can be copied to the clipboard and further processed from there (mouse click in the respective field > "Select all" > "Copy").
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