SAP Basis administration

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Support in SAP basis administration
Our product offers useful functions for several use cases and tasks of SAP basic administration.
SAP system copy / system refresh
In the case of an SAP system copy or a system refresh (e.g. updating the QA system with data from the production system), SAP Basis Administration is involved in a number of activities. System-specific data must be saved before the copy and restored after the copy. Often, screenshots are taken before the system is copied and then manually restored after the copy - e.g. the SAP Connect settings (after all, no emails are to be sent to customers and suppliers from the QA system), the ALE configuration, server settings, logon groups, system and client settings in SCC4, and much more.  
In addition, there is a considerable time pressure on the SAP Basis administrators - after all, the system should be available again as quickly as possible.
Screenshots, manual administration to restore the settings, and all that under time pressure... that can't be it, can it?

User maintenance
Here our product supports among other things with the following activities:
  • Password assignment (with our product you finally have a mass function)
  • Backup / restore / copy user master data
  • Locking and unlocking of users
  • Assignment of authorizations - e.g. in case of failures in the Identity Management System or if the approval workflow is interrupted and does not work.

Ensuring stable operation
In the event of an SAP system malfunction, considerable pressure is exerted on all parties involved - often SAP Basis Administration is at the center of the action. Have you ever experienced that one or more RFC connections were accidentally deleted or changed? Within a very short time, your system may be flooded with shortdumps, as (highly frequently used) interfaces no longer work. The problem with RFC connections and other system-specific data (such as ALE configuration, SAP Connect settings, server configuration, etc.) is that they cannot simply be restored - they are system-specific and cannot be corrected from any other system via a transport request.
However, with "Shortcut for SAP systems" and the information from the PCA tool (Post Copy Automation) you can quite easily set up a backup of this data. This can also be automated via the Command line tool - once set up, it ensures greater security in the operation of your SAP systems on a daily basis. You can read about how this works here.

Provision of information across the entire SAP landscape
  • One of your systems is being converted - in which systems are there RFC connections that need to be changed?
  • An employee changes to a competitor - in which SAP systems does his user have to be deleted or restricted at short notice?
  • Due to antitrust proceedings you are required to analyze business data in connection with the company xyz - which of your SAP systems have to be considered for this purpose?
Or do you currently have another question that can be easily answered within a single SAP system - but which poses problems for you in a cross-system evaluation in view of the large number of systems?
With "Shortcut for SAP systems" you can flexibly and quickly perform ad-hoc queries across systems.
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