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About us
At this point other companies proudly present the number of their employees, the many locations, the many services, the many satisfied customers, etc. etc.
Maybe you have suspected to find something similar here. But... we are not a big traditional company. We are a very small and very young company. We do not have several locations all over the world and we do not cover countless fields of activity.

We want to offer practical solutions which are intuitively understandable and applicable for the user, which are quick and easy to use and which bring an immediately noticeable benefit. We attach great importance to stability, reliability and a high degree of maturity of our applications. Our applications should be ready for immediate use - now and not in a later version and without the need for expensive consultants.

We (currently) have "only" one product, but we are convinced of it. Just give it a try!
Arne Schernich, CEO

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Shortcut IT GmbH
Kreuzberger Stra├če 8
31226 Peine
Tel.: +49-170-9377125
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