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In the support: shorten solution times and incident duration!

Nothing to be installed in your SAP systems!You can start immediately - in all your SAP systems with an ABAP stack.Also in S/4HANA systems.Get a free trial license and discover the possibilities!

In a competitive market environment, excellent customer support is essential to both retaining your customers and attracting new ones. Every minute counts when it comes to answering your customers' questions. Reduce your resolution times: use "Shortcut for SAP systems" for faster and more direct troubleshooting in the SAP support. Without detours, directly in the system - to improve your performance indicators and maintain the agreed service levels.
Do you have a support and ticket system with which you can manage faults in your SAP system? You can prioritize the fault messages, route them, track the resolution times, etc.? Good!
And... do you also have something that you can use to solve the problems?
Fast incident processing, satisfied customers
The "emergency" has probably already been experienced by every company. When delivery or production is at a standstill, considerable pressure is exerted on everyone involved. This makes it all the more annoying when valuable time is lost because authorizations are missing or correction transports have to be created and set in motion. Do you always have the necessary time for this? Or does the malfunction have to be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent damage to your company?
We believe that in many situations, fast troubleshooting has absolute priority. In such situations, unconventional methods must also be permitted if the fault can be remedied with them. Use our product "Shortcut for SAP systems" to eliminate faults quickly and easily and get your business running again.
Sometimes the actual problem and its solution gets a bit out of focus. Unfortunately, troubleshooting often entails formalistic effort, which consumes a lot of time and effort. The malfunction must be recorded in the ticket system, if possible the right solver group must be found immediately etc. etc. Unfortunately, the less time is left for the solution or elimination of a fault, the faster you will be under time pressure.
With "Shortcut for SAP systems" you can make up for lost time. Whether it is only a small amount of data to be corrected, a correction via a newly created correction program is required or urgently needed authorizations are missing: with our product, the malfunction is simply solved faster. Directly in the system, without any detours - so that your business can run again.
You don't have to install or configure anything in your SAP system - no transports, no add-ons. After entering the connection data, you can immediately use the functions for your SAP system.

Does the following perhaps look familiar to you?
SAP emergency case
"Hello? We have an urgent problem here" ... "Ticket? Yes, we do, hold on... ...
"The correction is on its way", what does that mean? ...
"In about two hours"? We can't deliver! In 2 hours it'll be too late. We need the solution right now!"
Sometimes a problem must be solved immediately and the time required for the "usual" way is not there. Sophisticated and coordinated processes are good and correct, but require both time and the availability of all persons involved. But what to do if it is really urgent and there is no time or even necessary approvers are not available, for example on weekends or at night? Can you afford to wait for hours or possibly a whole day or the weekend to solve an urgent problem? Do your customers understand if the goods arrive one day later than agreed due to a trivial but unfortunately not quickly solvable problem?
We do not claim that our product replaces or renders superfluous your troubleshooting processes. No, definitely not. But if everything else takes too long, you will be happy about the possibilities our product offers.

SAP data correction
"So, if only the contents of this one field in this 'LIPS' table need to be changed
for posting the goods issue, then just do it. The truck is waiting, the delivery has to go out now." ...
"What do you mean, 'It can't be done, there's no maintenance dialog for it'? So what now?"
Many tables in an SAP system can be maintained directly in the system. And many cannot. Sure, this can be set up by creating a table maintenance dialog: make the changes in the development system, take the necessary authorizations into account, write them in a transport request and then import it via a transport request first into the acceptance/test system and then into the production system, obtain the necessary approvals, call SAP Basis and inform them that it is urgent... it can take hours. Are you sure that you always have the time?
Or do thousands of data records have to be corrected, so that the mere possibility of maintaining individual data records does not help?
With "Shortcut for SAP systems" you have a maintenance function available for almost every table in your system. And it is also possible to correct many data records in one go.

SAP emergency user
"Yes, with the emergency user I could probably solve the problem, but unfortunately the given password is not correct, and now the emergency user is locked because of too many invalid login attempts. The colleague who could unlock the emergency user again and assign a new password is now unavailable. Sorry, I'm at a loss."

Surely you don't want to hear something like that from your IT department, and as an IT service provider you certainly don't want to have to give such an answer. But the situation described is not at all unusual. Many companies have set up an emergency user in their systems, who has extensive authorizations and can be called upon for emergencies. This is how it should be. Nevertheless, the emergency user may not be usable due to an error in the last password assignment or in the documentation of this password. And the need for the emergency user probably arises when the available personnel cannot help, for example, on weekends or at night. It is then all the less likely that one of the user administrators authorized for the emergency user will be available - these are usually only a few due to the usually far-reaching authorizations of an emergency user.
In such a case, "Shortcut for SAP systems" can be used to unlock users - including the emergency user - simply and easily and provide them with a new password. The unlocking can even be performed via another client. By the way, this possibility is also a rescue for another possible mishap: all employees in the client were accidentally locked, for example, for the execution of go-lives or maintenance of the system. In the heat of the moment and under time pressure, it can happen that the user administrator locks himself out with everyone else. In this case "Shortcut for SAP systems" is your locksmith service. All you need is a user in another client of the same system and you can then give the locked-out users access again.
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