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This is your locksmith service!

Nothing to be installed in your SAP systems!You can start immediately - in all your SAP systems with an ABAP stack.Also in S/4HANA systems.Get a free trial license and discover the possibilities!

Usually, an "emergency user" is set up in productive clients, which can be used in case of emergency - for example, if a required authorization for an operation is missing because it is either not assigned to anyone or not assigned to any of the currently available persons.
  • The emergency user is blocked by too many invalid login attempts - there is relatively little that can be done about this. With the often cryptic passwords you can easily make a typing error. In addition, anyone with access to the SAP System and knowledge of the user ID of the emergency user (for which a look at the SUIM evaluations is usually sufficient) can trigger a lock due to some incorrect login attempts.
  • The password stored for the emergency user is incorrect - this may be caused by a simple typing error or by a failure to update the data after the emergency user was last used.

From our point of view, this is an absolutely recommended procedure. However, the mere existence of an emergency user does not guarantee that all problems can be solved in an emergency at short notice. The emergency user cannot be used at all in the following situations, for example:

Due to the usually extensive permissions of the emergency user, it can only be managed by a few people. If these persons are currently unavailable, the emergency user cannot be unlocked or a new password assigned - with the effect that the emergency user cannot be used.

In such a case, "Shortcut for SAP systems" allows users - including the emergency user - to be unlocked easily and provided with a new password. You do not need to install anything in your SAP systems!

This function can also be executed via our command-line tool. Especially for the emergency user, it can be useful to unlock this regularly and automatically, so that it is then also guaranteed to be available in an emergency.
SAP user unlock
The flexibility of our product expands the possibilities - by using system users you can perform functions that otherwise would not be possible with system users. If the permissions of your own user are not sufficient, you can fall back on (usually more extensive) permissions of a system user.

As here in the case of unlocking the emergency user - you do not need to have permission to manage the emergency user yourself.
The unblocking can even be carried out by another client. By the way, this possibility is also a rescue for another possible mishap: by mistake all employees in the client were locked, for example for the execution of go-lives or maintenance of the system. In the heat of the moment and under time pressure, it can happen that the user administrator locks himself out with everyone else. In this case "Shortcut for SAP systems" is your locksmith service. All you need is a user in another client of the same system and you can then give the locked-out users access again.
SAP user unlock
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