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Support in SAP system copy / SAP system refresh
In the case of an SAP system copy or a system refresh (e.g. updating the QA system with data from the production system), SAP Basis Administration is involved in a number of activities. System-specific data must be saved before the copy and restored after the copy. Often, screenshots are taken before the system is copied and then manually restored after the copy - e.g. the SAP Connect settings (after all, no emails are to be sent to customers and suppliers from the QA system), the ALE configuration, server settings, logon groups, system and client settings in SCC4, and much more.  
In addition, there is a considerable time pressure on the SAP Basis administrators - after all, the system should be available again as quickly as possible.
Screenshots, manual administration to restore the settings, and all that under time pressure... that can't be it, can it?

Data backup and recovery with R3trans
R3trans is an SAP utility and is mainly used in the Transport Management System (TMS) environment. R3trans can be used to read, save and import table data from the SAP system - and even independently of the database. With "Shortcut for SAP systems", we have also made this utility available outside of the TMS.
SAP data backup with R3trans
No more screenshots and manual activities to document the state in a system before the copy and laboriously restore it after the copy. Simply save the relevant table data to a file and restore the data after the system copy. This can also be automated using our Command line tool.
The topic is discussed in more detail here.

Securing the system users, the project team, the test users
During a system refresh, all users of the target system are initially overwritten with those of the source system. The system users are then the wrong ones (namely those of the source system), any painstakingly created test users are lost, as are the users of the project team. You can save and restore the users of the target system as part of the pre- and post-processing - but then you will "miss" all the users that exist on the source system but not on the target system.

With "Shortcut for SAP systems" you can flexibly save and restore the users. This allows you to use the full range of users from the source system and still retain system users, test users and the project team users.
Copying / saving SAP users
You can read more about it here.
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