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Authorizations are granted quickly if necessary

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The topic "authorizations" in an SAP system is often frustrating. In many companies, the minimal principle applies, whereby authorizations are almost tailor-made to the requirements and only allow the most necessary.

In a go-live, you quickly get into the situation that - at least temporarily - authorizations are required that are not contained in the assigned roles or that have possibly not yet been considered in the role concept at all. This can be disastrous in the tight schedules for the go-live. For the assignment of existing roles, the regular authorization workflows require a certain minimum of processing time, and not every approver is available at every go-live at all times. If the missing authorization might not yet be available in a role, the development or change of a role would first be necessary, including transport to the target system. This is also not possible in a few minutes.
This can stop the workflow - and thus the go-live!

Secure your go-live additionally with "Shortcut for SAP systems". Necessary authorizations can be assigned quickly and easily directly in the system. These can be the available roles and profiles - but we also have a solution for cases where the required authorization is not available in a role.
Assigning a role for a limited period of time is done in seconds and allows you to quickly continue your go-live.
Due to the concept of our product, the designated system users (or others if they have the necessary permissions) can be used for the assignment.
SAP authorizations
SAP authorizations
If you find yourself in a situation that requires authorizations that are not included in the role concept, our product allows you to assign full authorization for the respective authorization object.
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