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Passwords for many users - it can be that easy!

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Password assignment is basically a simple task... and yet it can be so time-consuming and error-prone.

Have you ever missed possibilities of password assignment, e.g. assigning a fixed password to a group of test users or assigning individual passwords to several system users without having to manage the users individually? Unfortunately, these possibilities do not exist in the SAP standard - each user must be managed individually.

Our product makes this possible, thus saving time and avoiding sources of error.

Assigning a password to many users is very easy and quick. You do not need to install anything in your SAP systems! This can also be integrated into automated processes via our command-line tool!
SAP passwords
Simply specify the users and enter an (initial) password. In no time, the password is assigned to all users.
In the SAP system, there is unfortunately no way to easily assign an individual password to many users. There is a mass function for users, but unfortunately, it does not provide sufficient functions for passwords. In practice, this means that each user must be managed individually. This is tedious, time-consuming, error-prone and... boring.
Think, for example, of the system users of a test system after a system copy. If you have taken over the users from the source system, the correct passwords must be reassigned for the system users. Otherwise the interfaces will not work, which are often of enormous relevance for test systems.

How easy it can be, you can see in the figure (and yes, it really is that easy!): on the left the users, on the right the corresponding passwords, and within seconds your system users have the correct passwords again. The input fields can of course be filled in via the clipboard.

Further information can also be found in this blog on this topic.
SAP passwords
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