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Copying data from one system to another

Sometimes it is useful to copy a table or a bunch of tables from one system to another. For example, to update data in the Quality system, in a test client on the development system or in a sandbox with data from the Production system.
Doing this would either be a task of the administration guys or you will be pointed to create a 'Transport of copies' and use the Transport Management System.
Read in this article how easy it can be to update some data on your Quality system - and do this fully automated on a regular basis.
Shortcut IT | 8/6/2023

Saving system specific tables - part 2

Saving system specific tables - part 2.
Increase the security of the operation of your SAP systems with a selective backup of system-specific data - once set up, it provides you and your SAP systems with an enormous security gain. Read here how easy it is to do this.
Shortcut IT | 3/1/2022

Automation, automation...

Automation is one of the key factors for a well-functioning IT landscape. With "Shortcut for SAP systems" you can do some previously impossible things in an SAP system and integrate them into automation solutions. In system copies, you no longer have to deal with manual tasks such as adjusting RFC connections, SAP Connect settings, TMS configuration, ALE settings, etc., saving time and dependencies on internal and/or external resources.

Shortcut IT | 11/11/2021

What a waste of time...

Stop wasting time when you have to correct data in an SAP system. It hurts to see how much time is wasted, how much money is burned, processes and projects stuck because the procedure for correcting data is still the same as 20 years ago...
Shortcut IT | 16/11/2020

Oh no.. missing authorizations

Missing authorizations are annoying in general, but in a go-live or in time-critical situations in a productive system they are more than that. Read how "Shortcut for SAP Systems" can help to solve authorization problems and to get your go-live back on track or to eliminate problems in the production system.
Shortcut IT | 16/1/2020
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